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Love, Longing, and Liberation

Motherlines-500Patricia Reis

Publication date: October 11, 2016

Motherlines reveals how a woman’s true spiritual growth is dependent on the love of others who witness, encourage and ensure her possibility

When she was twenty, Patricia Reis’s mother asked, “What about your spiritual life?” Years later, this question drives her midlife quest to reconcile the desires of her body with the mandates of her spirit.

Motherlines is a candid and compelling story of sex with men and with women, of celibacy, illegal abortions, making vows and breaking them, dreams, body wisdom, creative ambition, and inspiring relationships with memorable characters.

This unflinching memoir illuminates the unvarnished truth of growing up female in the 1980’s, a rich and fertile period in American history when gender roles were undergoing a revolution, a time that includes feminism, the women’s spirituality movement and liberation theology.

Read an excerpt from chapter 1.

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Patricia-Reis-Author-Photo-2016Patricia Reis is a writer and author of the memoir Motherlines, Women’s Voices (with Nancy Cater,) The Dreaming Way, Daughters of Saturn, and Through the Goddess, and the creator/producer of the DVD, Arctic Refuge Sutra. She has a BA from the University of Wisconsin in English Literature, an MFA from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in Sculpture. In 1986, she earned an MA from the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Depth Psychology and has a private psychotherapy practice. Patricia Reis has held positions as faculty, lecturer, and dissertation advisor and has mentored and facilitated many artists and writers in bringing their work to fruition. She appeared in the film, “Signs Out of Time,” by Starhawk and Canadian film maker, Donna Read, a documentary on the life of Marija Gimbutas. She divides her time between Portland, Maine and Nova Scotia. For more information, please visit

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