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“A Reckoning.” Review of Demaris S. Wehr, Making it Through: Bosnian Survivors Share Stories of Trauma, Transcendence, and Truth, Asheville, NC: Chiron Publications, 2020. pp.109-115.


Melissa Hilliard Potter, with Sukey Hughes and Patricia Reis, “The Los Angeles Woman’s Building, 1980s: Hand Papermaking as Feminist Pedagogy” in Hand Papermaking, 33:2, winter, 2018, 14-19.


“Fat” in Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche, 12:1, February, 2018, 62-69.


“It’s a Dog’s Life” in The 2017 Compassion Anthology.



dark-matter-website-homepage“Dining Out on the Great Divide: Donna Haraway, Thomas Thwaites, Frans deWaal, Karen Joy Fowler, Charles Foster and Helen MacDonald” in Dark Matter: Women Witnessing, October 2016, Issue #4.

Patricia-Reis-on-a-Memorable-DreamPatricia Reis on a “Memorable Dream: In Dreams Begin Responsibilities,” Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche, 10:1, March, 2016, 107-110.

deranged-cover2Review of Deranged by Nora Jamieson in Dark Matter: Women Witnessing, December 2015, Issue #3.

Translate This Madness” in Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche, 9:3, 62-66, 2015.


“Over The Edge” in Dark Matter: Women Witnessing, November 2014, Issue #1.

buddhismanddepthsm“The Female Buddha: Discovering the Heart of Liberation and Love” in Buddhism and Depth Psychology, Refining the Encounter. Spring, A Journal of Archetype and Culture, Vol. 89, Spring 2013 —Download PDF

spring“Where the Wild Things Are: Dreaming the Bioregion” in Minding the Animal Psyche, Spring, A Journal of Archetypes and Culture. Vol. 83. Spring 2010 —Download PDF

evrythingIeat“Easy as Pie” in Everything I Eat Nourishes Me: A Cookbook for Body and Soul, Aline Fourier, Creative Resonse, Inc., 2010 —Download PDF

“Figlie di Saturno: Rivisitazaione di un Antico Mito” in Prometeo: Rivista trimestrale di scienze e storia, Anno 26, Numero 102, Arnaldo Mondadore Editore, 2008

cover“The Art of Revelation and the Restoration of Memory” in Women, Trauma, and Visual Expression, Amy Stacey Curtis, 2005

prmusessm“Mnemosyne’s Well of Rememberance” in Muses: A Journal of Archetype and Culture, Spring 70, 2004

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poetic memory001-1“Dreams: Poetic Memory,” Catalogue essay for curated art exhibit, “Dreams: Poetic Memory,” University of Southern Maine, 1992

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